FG Place Blame Of Rising Poverty Levels On Lack Of Cooperation From Governors


The Federal Government has laid the blame for the rising poverty levels across the federation on the doorsteps of state governors.

The Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Clem Agba told newsmen after the Federal Executive Council meeting today that the Federal Government’s social investment plan has not impacted optimally, because of a lack of cooperation from the state governors.

Mr Agba further asserted that the governors concentrate on executing bogus projects, rather than improving lives in the rural areas.

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While absolving the Federal Government of any blames, Mr Agba accused the governors of focusing on building gigantic projects such as flyovers, airports etc that are visible in the state capitals, rather than building roads that would halt post-harvest losses for the farmers.

The minister pointed out that while states are in charge of lands for agriculture, they do not invest in them for the desired effect on their rural citizens.

He, therefore, asked Nigerians to hold the governors accountable while advising the state chief executives to focus on initiatives that can raise the people from the pits of poverty.

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