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Side Chick and family members brutally attack Housewife in Borno





A side chick and her members of her family have allegedly attacked a housewife in Borno state.


The entire drama unfolded in, and stinked of, the most nauseating audacity, most especially as it was staged during the Holy month of Ramadan, and the nauseating act was committed by Muslims who should have, instead of committing one of the gravest sins, strove for the spiritual purification and rebirth the Ramadan fast offers.

A wife called Aisha Bukar Gambo,  in Gubio town, Gubio LGA, Borno State, on a day during the just-ended month of Ramadan, caught her husband pestle in the mortar with another woman on her matrimonial bed.

Devastated Aisha immediately reported the matter to her father who pleaded with her to conceal the matter from public knowledge,  and urged her to return to her matrimonial home. As an obedient daughter, she did.

However, again on the 27th day of Ramadan, which is the night every fasting Muslim expects to achieve the peak of blessings from Allah, Aisha caught him in a nauseating act with another woman.

She then, most startlingly, called neighbors and passers-by to witness the act, before she, again, reported the matter to her father. Aisha was further urged to return to her husband and, once again, conceal it from the public and let peace reign.

Normally, Aisha would expect her husband and the woman to seek her forgiveness, and even placate her with whatever they could afford to ensure she concealed the matter.

But in sharp contrast to that, however, the adulterous woman and her husband’s relatives mobilized and challenged her for exposing her husband to the point of calling witnesses.

Tired of what was going on, Aisha Bukar Gambo, confronted the side chick, Yakolo Babagana  in her family house which resulted in some altercation with some members of Mai Mele’s Family in gubio.

In the most-irritating audacity, the side chick,  Falamata Mai Mele stabbed  Aisha with a screwdriver on the side of her left breast and left her in the pool of her blood, perhaps intent on killing her. Aisha’s father, Bukar Gambi, rushed to the police to come to the aid of his daughter after the side chick’s family brought more  dangerous weapons.

We arrested the culprits- Police

According to the Police Divisional Officer of Gubio,  on 11/04/2024 at about  2000hrs, one Bukar Gambi of Education Department in Gubio LGA came to police came to police and reported that on the same date at about  1930 hourz, his daughter Aisha Bukar Gambo had some altercation with some members of Mai Mele’s Family in gubio that during the fracas one Falamata Mai Mele stabbed  Aisha with a screwdriver on the side of her left breast.

During arrest members of the Mai Mele’s family were brandishing knives and cutlasses until the support of the military was sought, which led to the arrest and detention of some of the suspects, as well as the principal suspects Yakolo Babagana Mai Mele.

Two cutlasses were recovered as exhibits while the victim was admitted at the Primary Health Care Center Gubio for Medical Attention while investigation is ongoing.


Credit: Zagazola Makama

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