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Israel plans to make Gaza ‘unlivable’, says Palestine envoy



Abu Shawesh, the Palestinian Ambassador in Nigeria, has urged the United Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and all UN member states to adopt/enforce the 4th Geneva Convention responsibility on Israel.

According to the Convention, each high contracting party is required to seek for persons believed to have committed, or ordered to have committed, such grave violations and to bring such persons, regardless of nationality, before its own tribunals.

“Israel cannot remain a state above the law. Only such serious action can stop its war crimes, crimes against humanity and state terrorism against the Palestinian people, saving lives and our region from implosion,” Mr Shawesh said.

The envoy made the call on Wednesday in Abuja while addressing journalists on the 40th day of what he called ‘Frenzy Textbook Genocide.’

“We witnessed in the last two weeks the Israeli Western propaganda diverting the discourse from ceasefire to another minor element.

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“To justify their plans to destroy the hospitals and the entire health sector, Israel claims that the (Hamas) fighters used these facilities as a military base and this is a very false accusation, that many international bodies have defeated their claim,’’ he added.

He said by continuing to air and screen the Israeli propaganda and siding with the killers, the main Western media outlets are completely complicit in the current ‘Textbook Genocide.’

Mr Shawesh said the death toll among Palestinian civilians exceeded 12,000, and the majority of them are children and women, while more than 2,000 others are still missing and some are trapped under the rubble.

“The casualty toll in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has also climbed up as Israeli occupying forces and settlers ratchet up their violence on Palestinian civilians, now 186 killed, including 46 children, and 2,400 injured.

“Hundreds of bodies of Palestinian victims are decomposing in the courtyard of Al-Shifa Hospital, on the streets, and under the rubble, and there is no opportunity to bury them with the respect they deserve.’’

He accused Israel of trying to implement its long-term plan, to destroy all the infrastructures in Gaza to turn the Strip unlivable after the war, which will push the civilians to flee the city.

“This is the plan many Israeli officials declared under the title the day after and they started talking about building new settlements in Gaza and moving 300 thousand Israelis to live in it.

“Diverting the discourse from a full ceasefire to humanitarian aid, and humanitarian truce is another attempt from the Occupation Club to blind the world. Humanitarian aid is necessary but seizing the fire should come before as a priority,” he said.

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