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Issuance of “Non Indigene Resident Forms” An Open Letter to Gov. Charles Soludo ~ By Amb. Nworisa Michael




It is a thing of dismay the report going round over the issuance of “Non indigene Resident form” by members of the Okuzu Umuezegbobu Village Oba an act I frown at and believe same would also be of any well meaning Nigerian. Thus deeming it fit to call your attention to this plight.

Your Excellency, I wish to call that you do all within your constitutional power to arrest this situation as it posses great threat not just to the residents of the affected community but to the entire federation.

Your Excellency, the said “Non indigene Resident form” are claimed to be an attempt to tackle insecurity around the community where it is imposed. However, I wish firmly state that no one or group is a monopoly of crime and it is dehumanizing to give such labeling to any sect or group of people on your capacity as the chief security officer of Anambra State it is therefore your responsibility to see what best measures guaranteed within the provisions of the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As Amended) are there to implore in bid to safeguard life and properties of this within your state.

Your Excellency, our journey to nationhood is been threatened by divers challenges and we cannot afford to watch another being birthed before our very eyes.

I therefore call on your kind self to take as a matter of national concern and urgency into this issue;

1. To stop the further issuance of this forms.

2. To direct the leadership of Okuzu Umuezegbobu Village Oba to refund all whose money were collected in the name of issuance of ” non indigene Resident form”.

Finally, Your Excellency going further it is evident that minority groups of distant geopolitical zones are often left out in the affairs of their host state’s government and this gives room for many unwanted issues and negatively affects peaceful coexistence. I would therefore make the call as I will also make to other governors to consider and make for yourself a Senior Special Asistant on Inter-tribal Affairs as this office when created will go along way in curbing most issues/conflicts arising from Ethno-Religious differences.

While I wish you all the best in the business of leading Ndi Anambra to greater heights be assured of my humble regards.

Yours in Nation building,

Amb. Nworisa Michael,
Is a Peace & Good Governance Advocate. Founder, Stand For Peace Initiative
[email protected]

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