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Private Diagnosis Centres Must Conform to Regulations – Prof. Salisu



Private diagnosis centres in Kano State are strongly advised to abide by the laid down rules and regulations governing their operations as enshrined in the laws of PHIMA or face closing down.

The DG Private Health Institution Management Agency (PHIMA), Prof. Salisu Ahmad Ibrahim made this know while speaking after shutting down of the Family Specialist Diagnosis Centre, Court road, Gyadi-Gyadi.

Prof. Salisu revealed that the initial name of the centre is Al-Sultan Diagnostic Laboratory but relocated to their present station without our knowledge, and even increased their services more than what they were certified to carry out.

According to him, “We went to supervise the centre, which is part of our mandates to thoroughly crosscheck the place to ensure it fulfills all the requirements. Sadly, we found out that they already continued with their operations without our knowledge.

“We observed that the service they are rendering is beyond diagnosis, they do clinical consultation as well which is not among what we have registered them for. Again, they are yet to complete installing some equipment and the center is inorganized.

The DG maintained that this prompted PHIMA to sealed off the centre due to their inability to meet up the necessary requirements, adding that the centre will remain closed until they fulfill all the regulations laid down by the laws of the Agency including staff strength, activities they need to undertake and to ascertain whether it has capacity to perform or not, assuring that, “If it fails to fulfill the requirements, we will never open it.”

Prof. Salisu then called on all private diagnosis centres operating in the state to make ensure they abide by the laws establishing the PHIMA and the standard operation guidelines, clarifying that the main objective of the Agency is to protect the lives of the people of the state and this couldn’t be achieved until due process is followed.

He further called on private health institutions to cooperate with his Agency in order to move the healthcare system of the state to the desired level, frowning that illegitimate operation by any private health institution will not be condoned by the Kano state government.

The DG hailed Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf for his beautiful policies on healthcare system of the state, appreciating the fact that His Excellency himself supervises public health facilities to see for himself how services are being delivered and take actions instantly to correct all the anomalies.

He also appreciated Commissioner for Health Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf for his high-mindedness and support to the steps and actions being taken by the PHIMA in sanitizing activities of private health institutions in the state, and commended staff of the Agency for their steadfast and endurance in the course of executing mandates of the Agency.

*Ibrahim Abdullahi*
Information Officer
Ministry of Health
11 October 2023

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