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Many African students in UK have fled to Repubic Ireland




Many African students in the United Kingdom have fled to the Republic of Ireland over fear of being deported to Rwanda.

Some of the students who fled did so because of threats from their universities to report them to home office over their inability to pay their school fees.

Many of these African natives have thought they would come to the UK and work and pay the remaining of their school fees, only to come over and realise it is not as easy as they have thought or were told. Letters from school threatening them to pay or face withdrawal suddenly led panicky students to travel across the border to Republic of Ireland.

Many other immigrants from across the world that the UK is planning to take to Rwanda have also fled the country to Dublin to seek for assylum.

The government of Republic of Ireland is worried and discussing legislation that will make them send back anyone coming from the UK back to the UK.

The UK government is still debating relocating anyone who came or come into the UK illegally to Rwanda. The deal has almost been sealed, but for the court that has barred it from going ahead for now.

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