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YOSPIS Activities Motivate Students to Establish PHAFPID



The Students of Tropical College of Health Science and Technology Department of Public Health says the Youth Society for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and social vices (YOSPIS) has boosted their moral in establishing Public Health Association for the Prevention of infectious diseases (PHAFPID ).

Speaking during the Advocacy visit by the students to the head office of YOSPIS, acting chairman of (PHAFPID) Ibrahim Yusuf Muhammad pointed out that Sanitation and Hygiene are crucial for everyone, and the aim is to maintain health status and extension of life span.

He said PHAFPID major focus will be on prevention of infectious Diseasey, Promoting Good hygiene in our Environment,ensure optimal used of clean water and also motivate communities to adopt sustainable sanitation practice.

According to him “we are enthusiastic to humanitarian services after monitoring YOSPIS Activities in Kano on youth Engagement.”

Establishing PHAFPID has gained supports from many like minded organizations so far, even with the challenges Encountered but yet the Motivation from YOSPIS Executive Director Zainab Nasir Ahmad make us keep pushing to the peak.

In her remark, The Executive Director YOSPIS Zainab Nasir Ahmad said , YOSPIS will support the students to achieve their aim and objectives towards humanitarian services in the state.



  1. Ibrahim Yusuf Muhammad

    September 28, 2023 at 8:40 am

    Thank you sir for boosting our efforts we are really appreciate

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