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Actress Sola Sobowale debunks rumours of arrest, drug trafficking




Veteran actress, Sola Sobowale, has debunked rumours that she was arrested for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia.

She said that a similar rumour emerged recently when she traveled to the United Kingdom.

She recalled that when she left Nigeria for the UK, lots of negative things were said about her, including a report that she was killed.

Sobowale denied the rumours in a live chat on the ‘Teju Baby Face Show’, in a clip shared via her Instagram account on Wednesday, May 1.

She said: “It was written in this Nigeria that they killed me in Saudi Arabia, that I carried cocaine in Saudi Arabia, they got me arrested and there, they amputated my leg, my hand and I said to them ‘Please I’m a star in Nigeria, because of that kill me, so they killed me.

“So when I got to Nigeria at the airport they just went berserk, they said ‘Sola Sobowale is dead now’ and I said ‘Do you believe in abracadabra?’ They said yes. ‘I have commanded everything back that’s why that’s why I’m back.’

“So when I got to Nigeria, I said ‘Look, I’m alive. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia. I don’t even know where Saudi Arabia is on the map. So how did I get there? How did they kill me there? So many negative things but to God be the glory, God has compensated me beautifully.”

In 2011, there was claims that the actress was involved in drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia where she was arrested and killed but Sola Sobowale debunked the speculations.

Source: Instagram | solasobowale

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