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CIPP, LESPADA Holds One-day Stakeholders Dialogue on Drug Abuse in Kano



Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) In collaboration with the League for Societal Protection Against Drug Abuse (LESPADA) held a one-day high-level stakeholder dialogue on the impact of drug/substance use on community peace and conflict.

The workshop which took place on Thursday, at Tahir Guest Palace welcomed relevant stakeholders to dialogue and proffer solutions to drugs and substance abuse by men and women in society.

In a welcoming address by the Executive Director of LESPADA, Amb. Maryam Hassan outlined that the workshop was organized to understand the effects of drug and substance abuse and how to mitigate the menace.

She added that: “We gathered today as concerned individuals to dialogue on the menace of substance abuse.

“Drug abuse has become a challenge in our society, so we have to show a collective determination to understand, confront, and profound solutions.

“Together we can explore and approach the discussion with an open mind, so we can achieve a clear road map of action.”

Halima Kassim Usman, Program Officer, Mercy Corps (CIPP) highlighted that there is a need for a sanitized atmosphere to keep the society clean and free of drug abuse.

“At CIPP, we have a structure that observes what is happening in the community by raising alarms before it occurs.

“Some of the structures include; community peace observers, women build counsel, women critical discussion groups, and intact base initiators and mediators.

In a paper presentation session, Dr. Fatima Sani presented a paper on ‘the impact of drug abuse of women on community conflict and peace resolution in Kano State highlighted that: “Drug abuse in women is the excessive use of illicit or prescription drugs in a way that is harmful to the woman’s health, wellbeing or relationship.

“It includes the use of drugs that violate the law.

“Drug abuse in women can be a serious problem. The most common drugs abused by women in Kano state are tramadol, codeine, and other cough syrups.”

She added that to address the lasting solutions to the issues of drugs in women in Kano State, there should be increased awareness and education about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

“This can be done through public awareness campaigns, school programs, and community workshops.

Another presentation by NDLEA Commander, Abubakar Idris-Ahmad on the ‘impact of drug/substance use on community peace and conflict’ explained that: “Drug and substance abuse can have detrimental factors on peace and conflict through an increase in crime rate, gang violence, economic instability, and stigmatization and marginalization.

“It is necessary to raise awareness on dangers of drug abuse by engaging school, community-based organizations, and other groups.

“Mentorship program and entertaining the drug addicts to take them away from drugs.”

He disclosed that NDLEA is collaborating with drug agencies in combating drugs and related crime.

In the Goodwill Message by Dr. Bashir I Muhammad, Dankaden Kano said “The Kano State Emirate Council is at the forefront of fighting drug abuse.

He advised that preventing the demands of drug addicts and banning illicit drugs will help in curtailing the menace of the abuse.

He elaborated that youth abuse other substances that are not drugs but harmful such as zakami, kashin kadangare, kadaji, and kwatami.

“There is a need for flexible laws that will fight drugs.”

Highlights of the event entailed group exercises and discussions by participants to brainstorm on the next steps and action plans.

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