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Demolition: Court Warns Kano Commissioner Of Consequences For Disobeying Court Order



Federal High Court in Kano has issued a warning concerning the breach of its order by Mr. Marwan Ahmed, the Commissioner of the Ministry of Works in Kano State.

On the 29th of September, the court had previously issued an order, restraining the Kano State Government from interfering with the properties of the Applicants located at Kano Eid Ground, Kofar Mata in Kano Metropolis.

Dr. Nuraddeen Ayagi, representing the Incorporated Trustees of Massallacin Eid Shop Owners and Traders Association and 55 other Applicants, approached the court to request that the Commissioner be cautioned about the consequences of disobeying the court order.

He told the court that the Commissioner continued to enter and tamper with the mentioned properties despite the court’s judgment.

Dr. Ayagi stated that disregarding a court order undermines the integrity and authority of the judiciary, and such actions will not be taken lightly.

He further emphasized that the court expects full compliance with its orders, and any further disobedience will result in appropriate legal consequences.

The court has reminded Mr. Marwan Ahmed that failure to comply with the court’s order could lead to a finding of contempt and imprisonment.

It’s important to note that the Federal High Court in Kano, presided over by Justice Simon Amobeda, had previously ruled that the Kano State Government, KNUPDA, and the Attorney General of the state should jointly pay the sum of N30 Billion to the Applicants for punitive actions that violated their fundamental rights and ownership of properties as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Efforts to obtain a response from the Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Haruna Isa Dederi, regarding the notice of consequences for disobedience, have been unsuccessful. He has not responded to calls or text messages.

However, in an earlier response to the judgment, Barrister Dederi stated that the judgment did not address the issue of legal ownership of the lands.

He also mentioned that the state government has already filed an appeal challenging the court’s verdict.

The Attorney General argued that the case revolves around ownership and that the entire lands belong to the Kano State Government.

Credit: Justice watch

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