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DG KSACA urges Kano residents to comply with mandatory premarital screening law



The Director General Kano State Agency for the Control of AIDS, Dr Usman Bashir, has urged residents of the state to comply with the recently signed mandatory premarital screening law by His Excellency the Exec Gov of Kano State Alh Abba Kabir Yusuf.

This was monitored today, as the Director General KSACA Dr. Usman Bashir was speaking during a live radio program “Barka da Hantsi” aired on Freedom Radio early this morning.

Dr. Usman Bashir said the bill already signed in to law by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf will surely reduce number of children born with underlying deseases such as sickle cell anaemia, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis, adding that the new law has also made a provision for some related deseases that might be identified in the course of medica investigation.

According to him the new law made it compulsory that all intending couples get screened and present certificate before they are granted permission to live as couples or provided with appropriate counseling on how to live a healthy marital life.

The DG also stated that prohibition of social discrimination or stigmatisation against individuals living with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, hepatitis, and related conditions has been included in the law as people affected need proper counseling and support from the community.

He further commended the effort of the State Governor for the initiation and implementation of viable policies and programs that will ensure a healthy people in the state.

Usman Datti
Information Officer
15th May, 2024

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