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Open letter to Kano commissioner of Police, Muhammed Gumel



  • Open letter to Kano commissioner of Police, Muhammed Gumel

My CP Sir,
I hope this message finds you well. Although I was
transferred to Lagos State not long after you took the reins at Kano State Police Command, I’ve kept a keen eye on the security situation in Kano under your esteemed leadership.

The challenges faced in the state, notably the activities of the “Yan dabba”, were considerable. Your innovative strategies, such as organizing football matches with the repentant Yan dabbas and initiating competitions with various stakeholders, have been pivotal in bridging gaps and regaining the community’s trust in the police.

Your adept handling of the post-2023 general election tensions, particularly amid the intense political rivalry between the major political parties, stands out as a testament to your unparalleled expertise. Both the state and the entire nation are indebted to you for ensuring tranquility during those unpredictable moments.

Your leadership, especially after the tribunal judgment, showcases your profound dedication, vision, and steadfast commitment to peace. Your initiatives not only upheld the law but also allayed the concerns of both the local community and international observers.

As a younger officer still navigating the intricacies of this profession, I consider myself fortunate to regard you as both a mentor and a beacon. The wisdom and experience you bring to the table are invaluable, and I’m proud to say that having you as a boss has been one of the highlights of my career. I am keen to continually tap from your vast reservoir of knowledge.

While our interactions might be less frequent than before, my respect and admiration for your dedication and leadership remain unwavering. I pledge my continued loyalty to you and lament that we haven’t been in closer contact.

Keep soaring and setting the gold standard, Sir. The people of Kano, and indeed Nigeria, are blessed to be under your watch.

Warm regards Sir,
*ACP Daniel Itse Amah*,
*Commanding Officer*,
*No. 23PMF*,
*FHQ Annex*,

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