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Opinion: Kano Tribunal’s Decision- A Simple Mob Job



By Bello Y Makama

The decision from The Kano State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal to sack Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and declare the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nasiru Gawuna, winner of the March 18 governorship poll is simply an elaborated conspiratorial scheme masterminded by Abuja-led mob and unjustly executed by the three-man led tribunal.

Reliable sources confirmed that the tribunal-led supervision of the ballots was rigged and did not bring on board the INEC or the NNPP in supervising the alleged 165,663 votes that needed to be signed, stamped, or dated. Pundits believe that there wasn’t even any supervision of the ballots by the tribunal. A reasonable person would see it as a statistical impossibility that all the alleged votes come from only NNPP and none from APC. Knowing that the APC was the party in power, it is also troublesome that the suspected vote inflation happened right before the APC agents at the polling units. Assuming this is all true, deducting 165,663 puts Abba Kabir Yusuf at 853,939 and Nasir Gawuna, who scored 890,705 votes. I am even more inclined to see this as a mob job since the tribunal did not declare an inconclusive despite a difference of 36,766 and an election with more than 70,000 votes canceled. It is simply not cool to celebrate the decision of the Kano Tribunal to invalidate 165,663 ballots. And people who celebrate are either told lies or do not understand the long-term implications of injustice.

I am neither a politician nor having any allegiance to any of the candidates. I also do not think Abba Kabir Yusuf has anything to offer me at this career stage. It is only a responsible man’s vow and burden always to reject injustice, perverted and depraved decisions and conclusions. Like most of the poor who waited hours to vote for Abba K Yusuf, I do not have any power or authority to change this ill-driven decision, but we must also recognize that keeping quiet about such menace can bring no good either. And as citizens of Kano state, the long-term consequences of our silence and calm are immeasurable! Think about the products of your silence! Consider whether you would be proud to raise your sons and daughters in such a society.

In many societies, democracy is believed to be a system of government in which state power to select leaders is vested in the people or general population. Today in Kano, who were the people to whom the power now vested? The emphasis is now in the hands of the Abuja-led mob who thinks democracy means something like dictatorship of the people. Ultimately, your votes do not determine who governs. The mob will decide which votes count. I am sure this blasphemous desecration on the entire Kano community will blow up on the faces of the Abuja-led mob just the same way it is blowing up on the faces of the politicians of our neighboring African countries. Are we not sure about the military option
! It saddened me to see the Abuja-led mob leader at the UN seeking to re-establish constitutional order to address political and economic problems in neighboring Niger republic. It appears that the Abuja-led mob is not reading the signs of the times. The new tactic is if we cannot win at the ballot box, we win at the tribunal. This is simply an attempt at ruining the young democracy, and the Abuja-led mob believes they can get away with it.

I called on the citizens of Kano to learn from history lessons. The ancient story of Moses is an important tale that appears throughout various religions, though it is most iconic in the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Bible and Torah, respectively. God charged Moses to lead the Israelites out of bondage and bring them to the Promised Land. The lesson is that Moses accepted the charge and did not say it was the Will of God for them to live in bondage. More recently, the Ukrainians are not ready to relinquish their land, accepting that these territories belong to Russia. They did not just say it was the act of God for Russia to take over.

Finally, I called on the Nigerian Judiciary System and the International Community to do something about this!


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