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Thousands of youths besiege Majidadi Quranic Institute for registration in Kano




Thousands of Qur’anic reciters on Monday trooped to the Majidadi Institute of Qur’anic Research and Advancement ,Miller Road Kano for screening in a bid to secure admission.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the leader of Kwankwasiyya Movement, Sen. Rabi’u Kwankwado, had on his recent birthday celebration carved out part of his home and donated same to the institute.

He also inaugurated the Islamic research institute for the memorizers of the Holy Quran.

The institute is to provide opportunities for the memorizers to go beyond just memorizing the Quran but also being certified.

Part of the curriculum of the school is to select those who have completely memorized the Quran, teach them English and Arabic languages, among others.

This is with the view to provide them with both primary and secondary schools certificates, subquently getting certified with a diploma.

A 17-year-old candidate, Ghali Murtala, who is currently in Dala Junior Secondary Schools in Kano said he had memorized the Quran and would want to exploit the opportunity to study in the institute.

“We were told that if we conclude the study period, we will be given scholarship to study abroad,” he said.

Miss Khadeeja Abdullahi, 17, also said she had memorized the entire Quran and wanted to be certified so that she can get admission into university to further her education.

“I am here with my aunty to get me registered and hopefully admitted to the institution.

“I want to get a certificate to further my education and go to university. I have not been able to make it to secondary school,” she said.

Murtala badamasi, also 15, from Wudil Local Government Area, said he hoped to have a bright future if he gains admission in the new institute, adding, “because i will gain both western and Islamic education.

” I think this is a great development and I am sure thousands of people will benefit from this noble gesture.”

Rakiya Abdullahi, 19, from Tudun Wada Local Government Area prayed,

“Allah will continue to guide and protect our God-chosen leader who sacrificed this mansion as Quanic Institute for his foresight.”

“We hope many Qur’anic reciters will benefit from this initiative, ” she said in tears.




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