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We’ve disposed over 7,500 truckloads of refuse within six months — Kano board




The managing director of the Kano State Refuse Management and Sanitation Board (REMASAB), Aljhaji Ahmad Dan Zago, has said that the board disposed of approximately 7,500 truckloads of refuse from the metropolitan area between July and December 2023.

This is just as he disclosed that the board has concluded a plan to create recycling centres where wood, plastic, metals, and other objects would be separated from the refuse and the remaining would be converted into manure to be used by farmers.

On Thursday, while speaking with the press, Alhaji Zago used the occasion to dismiss a purported rumour that he had resigned.

From the reports we have had on the ground since our inception, referring to September and October, we started work in July, and between then and now, we have been able to clear approximately 5000 tonnes of refuse from the streets.

We packed no fewer than 45 to 50 truckloads of refuse daily. This gives a total of 1500 truckloads of refuse monthly.

Firstly, wooden objects, plastics, and metals are separated from the remaining refuse, which can then be used for the production of locally made manure.

“We cannot be exact on the weight of the refuse we packed from the streets because it is not measured and is also not recycled.

“We only pack the refuse and dispose of it at some other location, but it is not being put to use through recycling. These are supposed to be recycled.

According to him, the refuse constantly being generated in the metropolis is not recycled or put into proper use, a situation that makes disposing of it difficult as it is just taken away from one place to another.”

He, however, stated that the board was able to clear all those refuse dumps and restore the sanity of most of the places in the metropolis taken over by the dumps.”

“I assure you that all the affected areas have been cleared and restored with all our efforts working day and night since we assumed office.

“We have since put this plan in place and are hopefully going to be recycling the refuse. We are going to establish a recycling centre where all the refuse will be dumped and utilised accordingly,” he stated.

On the issue of the settlement of the workers of the board after they have not received payment for several months, he explained that measures have been put in place and all those that worked under the board have since been paid.

He said when he came on board, he was provided with a list of 2,400 workers, out of which only 1,082 were verified after a headcount, and the sum of N43.8 million was paid to them accordingly.

He further called on all those who have worked casually with the board who satisfy the conditions put on the ground of providing evidence of the last payment they received from the board, an appointment letter, and an identification card to come forward for their payments.

Danzago said the feat was achieved through a sustained refuse collection operation embarked upon by the board since he assumed office as managing director in July 2023.

During the exercise, he said, the agency was able to rid about 30 major roads of heaps of refuse, which had rendered the streets almost impassable.


Credit: Nigerian Tribune


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