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State of the Nation by Amb Aliyu Bin Abbas the Youth President




On this day of celebration, it is also crucial to reflect on the state of our nation, Nigeria. As we mark 317 days of President Tinubu’s presidency, it’s imperative to assess the trajectory of our country and the challenges we face.

One pressing issue that demands attention is the volatility of the Nigerian Naira. We’ve witnessed fluctuations from nearly N2000 to $1 to the current rate of N1150 to $1. While the recent short-term improvement is welcomed, it’s essential to recognize the underlying damage caused by years of fluctuating exchange rates, round-tripping, and economic instability. These factors have severely weakened our economy, posing challenges that may persist for a decade or more.

The removal of fuel subsidies has further compounded the economic strain on Nigerians. The ripple effects are felt across all sectors, with skyrocketing inflation exacerbating the financial burdens faced by citizens. Additionally, insecurity continues to plague our nation, particularly affecting farmers who bear the brunt of violence and displacement.

Moreover, the recent increase in electricity tariffs adds to the financial strain faced by ordinary Nigerians. As we navigate these challenges, it’s evident that urgent action is needed to address the underlying issues and chart a path towards sustainable development.

President Tinubu must prioritize engaging with the youth of Nigeria to understand their needs and aspirations. The phenomenon of “Japa” or the emigration of young Nigerians in search of better opportunities abroad, underscores the urgency of this matter. We must instill a sense of pride and belonging in our youth, convincing them that Nigeria is their home and their future lies within its borders all Nigerians. Through collaboration, innovation, and inclusive governance, we can overcome our challenges and build a prosperous and united Nigeria.

Eid Mubarak once again, and may Allah bless our nation with peace, prosperity, and progress.

Amb Aliyu Bin Abbas,
Youth President

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